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      1887 ‑ 1937
 »   1955 ‑ 2009
      INTERSTENO 2007
         Program of 46 Congress
         Final results 2007
      INTERSTENO 2009
         Program of 47 Congress
         Final results 2009
      INTERSTENO 2011
         Program of 48 Congress
         Final results 2011
      INTERSTENO 2013
         Program of 49 Congress
         Final results 2013
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      Stenomask (voice)



    City President and/or President of organization Committee  
21 1955 Monaco - Monte Carlo H. Smit - Andre Morard Only typewriting competition
22 1957 Milano II Ugo Andreini  
23 1959 Vienna Wilhem Zorn  
24 1961 Wiesbaden Fritz Haeger  
25 1963 Prague Freml  
In 1965 at the 8th Congress of German stenographers in Magdeburg N.N. Sokolov - the founder of the State Stenography system- was awarded Gabelsberger's medal #1 "for the great benefit to the world stenographical science". The questions of biomechanics of writing were first considered by Sokolov in his book "Theoretical bases of stenography", 1937. Exploiting of biomechanics of writing was the priority of the Soviet science.
26 1965 Paris IV M. Marcel Chouvet  
27 1967 Berne Konrad Jan - Marcel Racine  
28 1969 Warsaw Zigmund Botcher  
1970. The fax technology was spread by Japanese companies, replacing the cumbersom and only professional machines of the previous years.
29 1971 Bruxelles III Eugene Cousin  
30 1973 Valencia Ramon Ivorra Ferrer  
31 1975 Budapest III Laszlo Barabsi  
1977 Apple II was released and was the basis of home computer. At the same time Commodor and Radio Shack incorporated a monitor in their 'microcomputers' which had previously required to be connected to a TV set.
32 1977 Rotterdam Tijs Bon  
1978 Wordstar - the first word processing software was launched. It worked with CP/M operating system.
In 1979 Visical - the first spread sheet software was also released.
33 1979 Belgrade Munir Lasic  
1981 IBM started marketing the first personal computer, using the operating system PC-Dos able to manage the disk operation. At the Intersteno Congress in Mannheim the connection of Michela steno-machines to a microcomputer was announced. Cat (Computer aided transcription) was also experienced in the States.
34 1981 Mannheim Willy Kuhnel - Karl Gutzler  
35 1983 Luzern Marcel Racine - Rene Steck  
36 1985 Sofia Vesselin Tzvetkov - Natsho Рapasov  
37 1987 Firenze Flaviano Rodriguez  
38 1989 Dresden II Hans Storel  
39 1991 Bruxelles Jos Jossard  
The Soviet delegation attended the 39th Congress ( head of the delegation E.M.Kozhevnikov - correspondent member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, assistants U.N.Sokolov, S.N.Polivnikova, Z.I.Lapteva - interpreter, E.N.Fetisova, S.B.Kotsupei and E.N.Podlegaeva - contestants. Professor Cherkasov was to give a talk "New information technologies in a modern office". It wasn't delivered because the speaker wasn't present. The subject greatly interested the participants of the Congress.
The Soviet typists out of the total number of 340 participants took places respectively: Fetisova - 85 (406 strokes per minute/0.107% errors), Kotsupei - 88 (437 strokes per minute/0.251% errors), Podlegaeva - 137 ( 437 strokes per minute/0.251% errors).
...At the final meeting all the participants paid tribute to N.N.Sokolov.
40 1993 Istanbul, Turkey Ishan Yener  
1995 Speech recognition was presented at Intersteno. Dragon released the first edition of Naturally speaking software, which did not need to pause for each word dictation.
41 1995 Amsterdam Cees A. van Beurden - Joke Bakker  
42 1998 Lausanne William Bonnet -Gabrielle Fasnacht  
2000 Internet connections were fast increasing and were offered at reasonable prices. E-mails were becoming a reliable replacement of traditional messages.
43 2001 Hannover Gregor Keller - Joseph Stehling  
2003 For the first time an Intersteno Congress was broadcasted in real-time with audio and video streaming technology.
44 2003 Rome Fausto Ramondelli - Gian Paolo Trivulzio  
2004 - Helsinki - The Central Committee approved of the use of macros, steno machines and speech recognition at the world keyboarding competitions.
45 2005 Vienna II Marlis Kulb  
2005 - State Training Centre GZOS became an individual member of Intersteno. Olga Makarchuk, a teacher of GZOS, attended the Congress.
46 2007 Prague II Jaroslav Zaviacic - Jaroslav Polacek  
A delegation of GZOS took part in the work of the 46th Congress (Nora Berezina, Olga Makarchuk, Olga Kotenko, Alex Kalabushev). V. Pinchuk and V. Travkin participated in the competitions. Vladislav Pinchuk took 49th place in Text Production, seniors. His result was 379,6 strokes per minute, 0.08 % errors.
47 2009 Beijing Tang Keliang  
A delegation of GZOS took part in the work of the 47th Congress (Nora Berezina, Olga Kotenko, Alex Kalabushev). AvtandiLine Lukina participated in the competitions and was successful in 4 competitions. She took 14th place in Final Combination List .

Вымпел 'Группы СССР Интерстено', 1991
The banner of the Intersteno group of the USSR, 1991
Буклет 39-го Конгресса Интерстено, Брюссель, 1991
The postcard of the 39th Congress in Brussels, 1991.
The Intersteno group of the USSR took part in the Congress and Championship.


The brochure of the 43d Congress, 2001.

A participant of the 43d Congress Kanat Omirov from Kazakhstan.

The 45th Intersteno Congress, Vienna, 2005.
Intersteno president Jaroslav Zaviacic,
Head of the US delegation Linda Drake
and a GZOS teacher Olga Makarchuk

Буклет 45-го Конгресса Интерстено, Вена, 2005
The brochure of the 45th Congress in Vienna, 2005. The State Training Centre GZOS became an Intersteno member from Russia.
Opening of the 46th Congress in Prague, the Russian delegation's greeting.
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